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About the Show

Moonbeam City is an American animated comedy television series created by Scott Gairdner. It is a parody of 1980s cop shows like Miami Vice. The show stars the egotistical yet loveable cop Dazzle Novak who always seems to be getting himself into trouble. Police chief Pizzaz Miller and technician Chrysalis Tate are often dragged along for Dazzle's schemes, while rival cop Rad Cunningham tends to purposefully involve himself as well. Moonbeam City’s animation style is primarily based around bright, eccentric neon colors and the artwork of Patrick Nagel. Moonbeam City premiered on Comedy Central on September 16, 2015.

About the Soundtrack

The show's soundtrack is stylized after 1980s synthesized music and serves as a nostalgic tribute with a highly retro appeal. All of the songs are performed by the American electronic band Night Club.

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Rad Cunningham

Rad Cunningham is the comic relief in this action packed cartoon. He’s always getting into trouble and trying to outdo Dazzle but someone always ends up making a fool of himself.

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